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Quantum technology

FCE is a key private player of Quantum technology in Germany. As part of the German national initiative PlanQK, FCE and its partners from academia and industry are building a Platform for Quantum-supported Artificial Intelligence. We lead the work complex "Usecases" and guide our partners in the successful application of Quantum algorithms to their use cases.

Our focus is on the application of variational Quantum methods to machine-learning and optimization algorithms. Because of our decade-long expertise in industrial applications of these algorithms, we can help your organization find out how Quantum computing will affect your industry.


The following is a selection of FCE's portfolio. Get in touch to find out how intelligent software can boost your organization's performance.

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Predictive Maintenance

At Frankfurt Consulting Engineers GmbH we have developed SysWatch, a software package designed to take your maintenance procedures from planned to predictive. Operating on a wide range of input data like error codes, sensor measurements or image sequences, SysWatch predicts and visualizes failure probabilities for all relevant system components. Its modern backend technology is built out of state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms.


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The optimal organization of production lines is a highly complex task. We at FCE provide our clients with algorithmic solutions which increase productivity, decrease production times and allocate resources where necessary. Together with heuristic methods from predictive maintenance, downtimes can already be anticipated in the planning process and reduced to a minimum.

Drone Routing
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Routing technologies

(Intra-)logistics, dynamic vehicle routing or collision-free mulit-vehicle-routing are just a few of many routing challenges we are addressing at Frankfurt Consulting Engineers. Our experience ranges from abstract modelling on (un)directed weighted graphs to realistic implementations with probabilistic exterior influences like weather or blocked zones.


Frankfurt Consulting Engineers GmbH is a mathematically oriented engineering company based in Frankfurt, Germany. We apply predictive algorithms from machine-learning and mathematical optimization to industrial challenges. Our technological portfolio encompasses a wide array of methods like pattern recognition, time series analysis and anomaly detection.

Partners from such diverse industries as mechanical engineering, rail, aviation, energy distribution and automotive trust our algorithmic solutions. For all our clients we develop intuitive frontend and powerful backend programs accessible without any technological background.

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